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Written by Eggman on November 21st, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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Hello everybody,

Something old and something new:-)

Beautiful (re-release)

We decided to re-release an old track from our ‘Insandouts’ demo (2005) called ‘Beautiful’:

Back in 2005 we still operated as a live guitar hiphopband with Mark van ‘t Zet on lead guitar and Perry van Caspel on drums. Although our approach is totally different today, we’re still very happy with this recording. Perry plays in The Hustlers nowadays with another former Tuna lead guitarist, Richard Kivits. Check facebook for The Hustlers’ launch party on november 29th at cafe Reinders in Den Bosch, NL.

The Call (to be released)

We’re also happy to anounce that our new single ‘The Call’ will be available for purchase in december. This single is an updated mellow version of a track that ROF and Santuna C wrote in 2006, with Richard Kivits adding lead guitars.

The new version is recorded by Eggman, Kovski and ROF, with Eggman on bass, fretless bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, beat programming and sampling. Kovski added synthesizer tracks and samples and produced the track in his Tricksound studio. ROF -as usual- recorded some beatboxes, raps, main and backing vocals and synthesizer parts. Mathe Valks, former member of La Pat, is currently recording some clarinet tracks for the song’s instrumental reprise.


Written by Eggman on July 16th, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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Hello guys,
Days after receiving a somewhat critical (but nice) review on our first album on dutch website, it is especially cool to anounce we started recording a new track. Hopefully soon we’ll finish it and prove the author’s right we can do better indeed;-). The title of the new track is ‘The Call’. It’s a mellow new version of and old track we used to play back in 2006, when we were still a live band with Perry van Caspel on drums and Richard Kivits on electric guitars. The subject of the song is a difficult father-son relationship and the overall sound is more moody and melancholic than most of our tracks.

Rogier (ROF) recorded some cool beatboxing and synthesizer at my place in Enschede last january, which is probably gonna end up in the song’s outro. In march I programmed the drumparts and recorded bass guitar at Frank (Kovski)’s studio in Tilburg. Last week in Tilburg, Frank recorded some synthesizer parts and samples and I recorded some guitar tracks. Check Tuna’s facebook bandpage to see a short videoclip of Frank recording some spacy sounds using a small device called Monotron!

We plan to do the singing this summer. And hopefully we’ll round up the track this fall and find that great artist (you?) who likes to accompany the track with a great (teaser) animation video! If you’re interested, write a post and leave your mailadress!


Written by Eggman on July 16th, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Hallo allemaal,

Afgelopen week verscheen een recensie van ons album Isle of Tuna op de website Deze keer inhoudelijk kritisch en wat minder positief dan eerder (we zijn zo 2005! ;-), maar wel met de nodige humor:

Recensie Fret Magazine

Written by Eggman on March 3rd, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Winnaar prijsvraag

Written by Eggman on February 28th, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Hallo allemaal,

Op 15 januari 2012 schreven wij een prijsvraag uit waarbij je een Tuna USB-stick kon winnen met ons album en extra’s. De winnaars zijn geworden: Paul en Floor. Veel luisterplezier!

De prijsvraag
In de recensie op staat dat wij wel in zijn voor een geintje omdat onze track ‘In Love’ het thema van Inspector Gadget en een stukje uit ‘Jolene’ van Dolly Parton bevat. Maar in ‘In Love’ zit nog een fragment van een bekende band.

Vraag 1: wat is de naam van die band?
Vraag 2: en wat is de titel van het nummer waaruit dit fragment komt?

De goede antwoorden
Vraag 1: ‘The Fugees’
Vraag 2: ‘Ready or not’

USB-stick bestellen?
De USB-stick is te koop voor € 12,50 en te bestellen in drie stappen:

  1. Stuur een mailtje naar met je naam en adres, waarin je aangeeft de speciale “Isle of Tuna-USB-stick” te willen ontvangen.
  2. Maak € 12,50 + € 2,00 verzendkosten over op rekening 58.08.785 t.n.v. F.H.J. Oude Veldhuis.
  3. Zodra de betaling binnen is, komt de stick met de post naar jou toe!