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As most of you probably know, Tuna is an endangered species. In fact, looking back in history, all Tunas making a difference in tunaphonic grooves make an ocean of tuna! We’ve sure had our share of line-up changes. At this moment, there are four Tunas left. They are:

  • Rogier (ROF) Westerhoff – main vocals, beatboxes, acoustic guitars and MicroKorg
  • Paul (Eggman) Egging – bass, beat programming, guitars, synthesizers and pre production
  • Frank (Kovski) Oude Veldhuis – synthesizers, additional instruments and final production
  • Sikko (Santuna C) Stokking – guitars and backing vocals
  • Where to find them? On the Isle of Tuna…

    No seriously! If you look at the high resolution album artwork available when you buy our ridiculously low-cost album, you’ll see us much clearer. Thanks to Marco K (you know who you are dude). A teaser in which you see us and some older Tunas:

    Hey, once a Tuna, always a Tuna!

    The following guest musicians played along with us on Isle of Tuna:
    Bart Verpalen – bouzouki on Bellybutton
    Maaike Kemmink – lead vocals on In love
    Hill – backing vocals on Party!
    Mirjam Bleeker – backing vocals on Party!
    The former Tunas:
    Richard Kivits – electric guitar on Brand new nubian and A day or 2 (intro & outro)
    Perry van Caspel – drums on A day or 2 (intro & outro)

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    • nuevo
      November 12, 2013 at 4:05 pm |

      Aardig gek – dacht eens te googlen op tunaphonic, en zie daar – foto’s, muziek, zelfs uitzicht uit de flat in overvecht! da’s lang geleden!

      nuevo (na boston en amsterdam nu sinds een jaar of 6 werkzaam in groningen en wonend in zuidlaren, jeweetwel, van berend…)

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