Isle of Tuna


Written by Kovski on December 9th, 2011. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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 As of today ‘Isle of Tuna’ is also available on a special and unique ‘Isle of Tuna-USB-stick’.

For the guyz and galz who don’t really know how to download it or for the guyz and galz who are afraid of online-payment (yes, they still exist :) ), there is the USB-stick with:

  • The album in mp3’s
  • The album in cd-quality
  • The radio-edits
  • Extra doc’s like our biography and logo ánd….
  • An extra, not downloadable, Bonustrack!!

The stick costs €12,50 and can be ordered in 3 simple steps:

  1. Send an email to with your name and address and confirm you want to order the special “Isle of Tuna-USB-stick”.
  2. Transfer €12,50 + €2 shipping costs to accountnr 58.08.785 (ING) in the name of F.H.J. Oude Veldhuis, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  3. As soon as the payment is done, the stick will come your way by mail!

(and in the very exceptional case that you don’t like the data on the stick, you can erase it and keep a 1Gb USB-memorystick)