Isle of Tuna

Help wanted :-)

Written by Eggman on March 1st, 2014. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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With ROF in New-Zealand we’re trying to work at some new songs at long distance. It’s really cool and sometimes totally suprising to hear how a musical idea evolves by exchanging individually recorded samples via internet. ROF and Frank often give my ideas a totally different (and much better) direction than I originally aimed for. And we figured it would be even cooler if we asked more people to join in and help us shape some new ideas. Or take stuff out and re-arrange or rewrite the basics of a song.

Listen to the YouTube clip of one of our new ideas. It’s a really easy composition consisting of a drumbeat, a bassline following a simple two-chord scheme (Am/F) and two synthesizer tracks. Would you like to add some tracks to this idea? Or use one part and shake up the whole format? Then leave a message on our website or on our Facebook bandpage and we’ll be really honoured and happy to have you on board!