Isle of Tuna


Written by Eggman on July 16th, 2012. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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Hello guys,
Days after receiving a somewhat critical (but nice) review on our first album on dutch website, it is especially cool to anounce we started recording a new track. Hopefully soon we’ll finish it and prove the author’s right we can do better indeed;-). The title of the new track is ‘The Call’. It’s a mellow new version of and old track we used to play back in 2006, when we were still a live band with Perry van Caspel on drums and Richard Kivits on electric guitars. The subject of the song is a difficult father-son relationship and the overall sound is more moody and melancholic than most of our tracks.

Rogier (ROF) recorded some cool beatboxing and synthesizer at my place in Enschede last january, which is probably gonna end up in the song’s outro. In march I programmed the drumparts and recorded bass guitar at Frank (Kovski)’s studio in Tilburg. Last week in Tilburg, Frank recorded some synthesizer parts and samples and I recorded some guitar tracks. Check Tuna’s facebook bandpage to see a short videoclip of Frank recording some spacy sounds using a small device called Monotron!

We plan to do the singing this summer. And hopefully we’ll round up the track this fall and find that great artist (you?) who likes to accompany the track with a great (teaser) animation video! If you’re interested, write a post and leave your mailadress!