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Support Serious Request!

Written by Kovski on December 18th, 2011. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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Today radio 3FM is starting with ‘Serious Request 2011’. The ‘house of glass’ is situated in Leiden this year. Their goal is to raise a huge amount of money for the mothers and children in warzones. Tuna is supporting Serious Request by entering the ‘demo of the day’-competition. By competing in this competition we support the fundraising and we’re also promoting our album ‘Isle of Tuna’. We entered with our single ‘I can change’.

Everyday from december 18th until the 24th the demo that raised the biggest amount of money that day gets to be played on the biggest radiostation of the Netherlands, 3FM. We chose wednesday the 21st and that’s why we want to ask you all to donate Wednesday  for Tuna. You can do this by clicking this link So if you intent to support Serious Request this year, “hit two birds with one stone” and support Tuna this wednesday on their road to succes!


Written by Kovski on December 9th, 2011. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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 As of today ‘Isle of Tuna’ is also available on a special and unique ‘Isle of Tuna-USB-stick’.

For the guyz and galz who don’t really know how to download it or for the guyz and galz who are afraid of online-payment (yes, they still exist :) ), there is the USB-stick with:

  • The album in mp3’s
  • The album in cd-quality
  • The radio-edits
  • Extra doc’s like our biography and logo ánd….
  • An extra, not downloadable, Bonustrack!!

The stick costs €12,50 and can be ordered in 3 simple steps:

  1. Send an email to with your name and address and confirm you want to order the special “Isle of Tuna-USB-stick”.
  2. Transfer €12,50 + €2 shipping costs to accountnr 58.08.785 (ING) in the name of F.H.J. Oude Veldhuis, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  3. As soon as the payment is done, the stick will come your way by mail!

(and in the very exceptional case that you don’t like the data on the stick, you can erase it and keep a 1Gb USB-memorystick)

Utrecht-song of the year

Written by Kovski on December 1st, 2011. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

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Yo peepz,

3voor12-Utrecht is making a top30-list of the best songs of the region in 2011! Will you help us get “I can change” in that list?

Send an email with your personal top 5 to Check for more info. At the start of 2012 the list will be published!



Please download legally!

Written by Kovski on July 23rd, 2011. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

(Liever Nederlands? Klik dan hier)

Yo Peepz,

A request to all of you out there. We have spent a fair amount of time on our album “Isle of Tuna” during the last few years. Of course we did this because we love making music! But we also had real costs, like the purchase of instruments and equipment, mixing, mastering and making tracks downloadable on the Holy Internet. Anyway, we did an investment and in return we hope to give you guys some fun with our music. That’s why we ask you that if you do enjoy our music to download our tracks legally on the well known sites as I-Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster etc.

With the benefits from this album we can invest in a new and probably even better album!

Thanks mates!

Your tunas