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Back in da lowlands

Written by Eggman on May 2nd, 2014. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts


Rogier is visiting the Netherlands for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow we’ll meet in Tilburg at Frank’s Tricksound Studio and work on some new music.

Click here to see a YouTube video of one of the ideas we’re currently working on.

Click here for slightly different version of the YouTube video for the Call we earlier posted on this website.

Help wanted :-)

Written by Eggman on March 1st, 2014. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

(Liever Nederlands? Klik dan hier)


With ROF in New-Zealand we’re trying to work at some new songs at long distance. It’s really cool and sometimes totally suprising to hear how a musical idea evolves by exchanging individually recorded samples via internet. ROF and Frank often give my ideas a totally different (and much better) direction than I originally aimed for. And we figured it would be even cooler if we asked more people to join in and help us shape some new ideas. Or take stuff out and re-arrange or rewrite the basics of a song.

Listen to the YouTube clip of one of our new ideas. It’s a really easy composition consisting of a drumbeat, a bassline following a simple two-chord scheme (Am/F) and two synthesizer tracks. Would you like to add some tracks to this idea? Or use one part and shake up the whole format? Then leave a message on our website or on our Facebook bandpage and we’ll be really honoured and happy to have you on board!

Update video The Call

Written by Eggman on February 28th, 2014. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Hi everybody,

We uploaded a second version of the YouTube video for The Call. This one is also edited by Jesse van Meel and slighty different from the video we posted one month ago. Pictures of Rogier and Sikko are included. Watch the previous video by clicking here.

YouTube video

Written by Eggman on January 29th, 2014. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Hi everyone,

The YouTube-video of our 2013-single ‘The Call’ is finished! Editor Jesse van Meel put together the video using footage several people send us after reading our requests on Facebook. Thanks to all of you for contributing. And thank you Jesse for completing this project!

One of the pictures included is made by Gabriel Fintelman and my personal favourite:


Jesse is also working on an animation video for The Call. Stay tuned in and like our Facebook bandpage. Cheers!

The Call – reprise

Written by Eggman on December 9th, 2013. Posted in Tunaphonic Posts

Hi everybody,

We recorded and arranged an instrumental reprise of our latest single The Call. We used some tracks from the original recording and added some new tracks (fretless bass and synthesizers by Paul, some beatboxes and synthesizers by ROF, a vocal sample by Paul’s 9 year old son David and a clarinet solo by Mathe Valks). We think the result is kinda cool! ‘The Call – reprise’ is available for free on YouTube and on Soundcloud. Click on the play button below and listen to ‘The Call – reprise’ supported by Soundcloud: